Personal consultation

On my website you can order a personal nutritionist consultation. You don’t need to spend your time for the way you just need an Internet and any device to communicate with the nutritionist online. If you want to lose a few pounds and you don’t know how to do it, I will help you. If you would like to have a basic knowledge in nutrition and make your daily diet balanced and healthy you need my personal consultation.


Weight loss program 

I’m an author an unique weight loss program. My weight loss program helps people not only lose weight but also it helps to understand your body and find the reasons why you have got fat before.  During the all course I will be with you every day 24 hours  and one month more after the finish. I will teach you how to do your food for every day healthy and delicious. And the most important moment – after that program you don’t refund lost pounds in the future. Except the diet plan my weight loss program includes sport    



Fast slimming 

There is a program during two weeks. You need to take “Fast slimming” if you need to lose weight quickly because you need to feel yourself more comfortable to your special date. “Fast diet” is complex of sport and nutrition and beauty LifeHacks. Also it could be a good start for the way to the perfect body 


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