Individual consultation

Do you have some questions about nutrition, and you would like to make your daily nutrition more balanced and healthier? Maybe you have some extra kilograms and you are unsure how to lose it without strict diets and harm to the body? Anyway, my individual consultation is the right choice. I can advise you how to change your nutrition depending on your health indicators, your age and life style. I can teach you how to lose or gain few kilograms by yourself.


Weight loss program 

It’s not a strict diet. It’s the way for a great understanding of your body after which your extra weight will not return back. Weight loss program includes the drawing up an individual diet and its regular adjustments. You will lose weight without stress for the body with a variety of healthy nutrition. Besides I prepare your individual exercise plan taking into account your health condition. Definitely, my program includes the psychologic support and  the working out the reasons of overweight.


Fitness challenge PRO_FIT

Rapid weight loss program has a duration of 3 weeks. Fitness Challenge PRO_FIT offers an intensive HIIT training. There are two levels (standard and intermediate) in order to achieve the best result.  Moreover, you have a nutrition plan. I propose you more than 100 recipes! Certainly, I support you all the time and motivate you in our chat! Through the challenge you will find the equalminds, you will enjoy your body transformation and you will fall in love with my training program for sure!


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