Weight loss program with online nutritionist

If you wish to lose weight with the support of nutritionist Anna Globazh it’s your right decision! Why?
What distinguishes my weight loss program from other programs?

Everyone who completed my weight loss program with my support doesn’t longer gaining weight.
✔️I make your personal nutrition and exercises plan
Every day you know what you have to eat for loosing weight. If you don’t have system you will never lose weight! I’m sure!

✔️I’m not only make a nutrition plan I find the REASONS and we answer for the most important question – why you have had your extra pounds before?

✔️ I teach you how to do the yourself nutrition balanced and healthy

✔️I support and controlling you every day 24 hours and I ever answer to you for all questions that you have

The weight loss program. Step by step

The testing of products 

First step on the way to perfect body by my unique weight loss program – the testing of products

We are so different. We have genetic and physiology features , we have different bacterial world in the stomach so different products digested and absorbed differently in different bodies. Also about the gallbladder and the production of bile. For this reason I claim that everybody has individual set of products which should allow to lose weight!
What will be good for one person will be bad for another one. So many diets don’t work or give the short result.
After the products testing you will know
➡️what products will be good for you – you can lose weight
➡️what products leave the weight on the same position
➡️what products will you gain weight

The products testing is during 14 days

 Personal nutrition plan

After the products testing I will make for you a personal nutrition plan for one month. When composing the nutrition I consider your age, activity, your eating habits (of course only healthy;) 

Monthly adjustment of nutrition plan

Every month I change your nutrition plan because I understand how is boring to eat day by day the same food… With your online nutritionist you will eat delicious food and lose weight.

Online support and controlling

If you will lose weight with your online nutritionist you will have my support and controlling every day 24 hours. It’s very important to have somebody who answers to all your questions and somebody who will motivate you on the way to perfect body because sometimes it’s a long and difficult way.

 Exercises plane (Fitness)
My weight loss program includes not only a nutrition plan. At some stage only nutrition will be not enough for losing weight and regeneration of the skin. Like licensed trainer I make for you the sport plan. I consider the type of your figure, your health and free time for sport. Also I change the menu for the sporting days because the nutrition in sport days is different from nutrition in other days. 

Focus on the result
I’m ever with you from the start until finish. We set a goal together and together go to it. 

The weight loss program includes:

1 – the first Skype consultation
We meet in Skype online, I get from you the all needed information and explain to you the first step of my program – the testing of products. After that Skype meeting you start to lose weight with my everyday support

2 – (after 14 days) – we have next Skype consultation
We meet in Skype again. We analyze the testing program and I make for you nutrition plan for one month

3 – every next month until finish we meet in Skype for checking the results and change the menu and add the sport plan

‼️Every Skype consultation of nutritionist is during 1,5-2 hours

‼️After the start of weight loss program the nutritionist support you by WhatsApp or another messager every day 24/7 until finish


Price: 200 €* (15 000₽)

*for every month