On that page you can find information about payment methods, chose a service, order it and check out it.
Detailed about the service you can read on the page “Service”
Attention please. Payment system works with Russian rubles. But near the rubles price is the price in $.
If you have any questions before the payment write me on my email. Also you can send me a messag by WhatsApp or Viber or Telegram. Contacts for that you can find on the page “CONTACTS”

Payment methods

On my website you can pay the service and use for payment the different methods

Payment variants:

  • Credit card 💳
  • Internet banking (Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff)
  • By telecom operators: MTS, Tele2, Beeline

Also you can do payment by international cash transfer system – Western Union

For that before the cash transfer you should write email to There you should specify your first and last name, city and write me that you prefer the payment method by Western Union.
When I will get your email we will update all the details. 

Step by step from the service order to payment and your first skype-consultation.

  1. Choose your favorite service (personal consultation or weight loss program or lose weight fast)
  2. Push the bottom “buy
  3. Choose the payment method
  4. Pay the service
  5. After the successful payment you will get on the e-mail the payment notification
  6. Your dietician contacts you in the near future
  7. With your nutritionist you define the date ant time for the skype meeting and start to lose weight!!

Personal consultation

Personal consultation of the nutritionist online is your chance to get the answers for all questions about food.  You need only internet and wish to do your daily nutrition healthy and balanced. 

Price: 67  (5 000 ₽)

Weight loss program 

Weight loss program is my own unique method to lose weight. Starting the course you will have guaranteed result without harm to health. This program is your real chance to open a new life in a new body! 

Price: 200  (15 000 ₽)

Fast slimming 

Fast slimming – there are two programs during one and two weeks. You need to order one of these programs if you have short time to get in shape. Fast and healthy diet with the support of nutritionist.

Price: 80 € (6 000 ₽)