Hello! I’m glad to see you on my website!

My name is Anna Globazh. I’m a professional nutritionist from Russia. I’m 30 years old and I have been working in the nutrition area for 5 years already! During the 5 years I have been helping a lot of women and men not just to lose weight but equally to find a balance in a daily nutrition, to normalize health indicators such as cholesterol, blood sugar, heart pressure and  many more. In addition, no doubt to change life!

My customer Elena – on these two photos the difference is 1 year and – 35 kg! 

Now I live in France and for this reason I work only online around the world! Geography of my customers is very large. I work with people around the world: Russia, Belarus, European countries such as Germany, France, Lithuania, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Spane, Great Britain and countries of Asia such as Singapore and Hong-Kong.

How do I work?

As an adept of preventive medicine, I use integrated approach due to our body is very complex. If you wish to lose weight and find a balance with a healthy nutrition and social life, integrated approach is your way! Body is a complex machine that’s why the simple chang of your daily nutrition or adding sports is not so effective. Therefore, my own weight loss program includes many aspects. Moreover, I support my customers to reach our goal every day. It’s one of the most important factors to succeed in outstanding result. There isn’t a easy method such as one pill or cocktail that makes you lose weight in one day! Don’t believe in that! Each body is unique thus individual work with nutritionist, regime, discipline and supportno dout will allow to get the best result!


I graduated from University of Moscow with a degree in Body oriented therapy Why Body oriented therapy? Due to what is happening in our head is reflected in our body. It’s not effective just to lose weight without changing nutrition habits and without working through the reasons of obesity.  Besides, I obtained a degree from “Academy of fitness and bodybuilding” in Moscow as an Individual fitness and bodybuilding trainer. Therefore, my weight loss program includes a fitness-plan that subjects to peculiarity of body.


International Institute of preventive and anti-aging medicine (Moscow):

  • “Smart weight loss”
  • “The role of hormones in supporting health and beauty

School of nutrition “EcoMed” (Kiev)

  • Practical dietetics
  • Coach of healthy nutrition and life style