Personal consultation

If you would like to know more about nutrition – order my personal consultation.


You have to order my personal consultation if
✔️You have extra 8-9 pounds
✔️You would like to know authentic information about nutrition and make your daily nutrition balanced and healthy
✔️You do sport and you don’t know how to build a daily nutrition correct
✔️You don’t understand how to combine your working process and healthy diet

If you have to lose more than 10 pounds – you need to order my  “Weight loss program

On the personal consultation of nutritionist online:

You will get the ground knowledge about nutrition depending your age, lifestyle, habits and wishes

 You will understand how to choose healthy and delicious food on the market, at the restaurant or on the party. And you will know how to combine the different food on the one plate 

 You will know how works the digestive system and metabolism. 

The healthy diet is your perfect body! But it’s not only your appearance it is also your health!

It means;

 perfect feeling

perfect mood

energy for the day

If you will eat healthy food you will have a good bonus. The beauty of hairs and nails depends from the food certainly!

When you start to eat healthy food you observe that your skin is starting to cleaning and looking more healthy and beautiful.
Healthy nutrition should be not only healthy. Healthy nutrition should be delicious!

There is a myth that you can be slim only in that case than you exclude all sweets from your daily nutrition and you will eat only chicken with salads.
But it is not so! The daily menu must be balanced by proteins, carbohydrates and fat of course!
Only balanced nutrition lets to stick your diet and avoid overeating.
If your daily menu will be balanced you will control your weight and you will ever keep your body in shape.


Price: 55 €  (5 000 ₽)