Fast slimming

Me like expert in the area of nutrition don’t recommend to lose weight fast. But in those cases when we don’t have time and need to lose few pounds quickly we should use any methods of fast slimming. If you have only one or two weeks before the holidays on the beach or an important event you should try my special program “FAST SLIMMING “.
There are two programs 1 and 2 weeks.

How to lose weight quickly?

Through my program “FAST SLIMMING ” specially created for the fast slimming you will have lost few over pounds and will feel yourself more confident in any situations.

It is better to lose weight by support of the nutritionist than to do it independently

The fast slimming without nutritionist usually gives you a short result. But the fast slimming with the support and controlling of the nutritionist will be the good beginning and motivation for the future.

Also the quickly slimming without nutritionist could be dangerous for the health. But with nutritionist you will have a program safe for the health.


 Nutrition plan for the quickly slimming 

Sport program for the quickly and effective slimming

 Support and daily controlling 


Price: 80 € (6 000 ₽) *

* For one week