Fitness-challenge PRO-FIT

  • Training

During the 3 weeks you get an acces to your daily training programms!  Every day it will be a different full-body HIIT-training. It only takes 30 minutes per day to lose weight and to be in shape! Besides you can manage your fitness proccess as you wish by just following my recommendations!

  • Nutrition

Nutrition is included in the challenge programm! You can enjoy more than 100 different recipes! It is possible to discover new tastes and recipes for yourself. In addition, after the challenge the diet nutrition is going to be a part of your life after!

  • Support

It’s very important not to stay alone on the way to the body of your dream! During my challenge you will find equalmind mates who are like you ready to change and reach the result as well as to share that positiv energy of transformation!

  • Motivation

I’m always with you! I will give you all instructions that are necessary to reach the goal, lose weight and transform your body!  Equally I will share my positive energy with you and motivate you all thje time in our chat! With all these keys you will not leave me having achieved the best result!

How does it work?

You need to go to the website of my fitness challenge

There you sign up and you can pay my fitness course!

After payment from the day of starting the challenge you will get an acces to the nutrition and daily trainings!


Price: 30 € (2 400 ₽) *

* For 3 week