Hello! You are on the website of a professional licensed nutritionist. On my website you can order my personal consultation if you have any questions about nutrition or few extra pounds. Also you can start to lose weight very effective with my own "weight loss" program and at this case you will have my support and control every day during all that program.

Personal consultation 

If you want to lose few pounds and don’t know how to do it yourself, I will help you. If you would like to have a basic knowledge in the nutrition area and make your daily nutrition balanced and healthy you need to get my personal consultation. On my website you can order the personal consultation of the nutritionist. You don’t need to spend your time for the way you need just an Internet and any devices to communicate with the nutritionist online. 

Weight loss program 

 I’m an author an unique weight loss program. Currently my program is in the process of patenting. My weight loss program helps people not only lose weight. By my help you will know more about your body and we will find the reasons why you have got fat before. If you will lose weight by my weight loss program I will be with you every day 24 hours from the start until finish and one month more after. I will teach you how to do your daily  food healthy and delicious. And the most important moment – after that program you don’t refund lost kilos in the future.

Fast slimming 

There is a program during two weeks. You need to take “FAST SLIMMING” if you need to lose weight quickly (5-8 pounds) and you have only short time for that. “Fast slimming” is a complex of sport and nutrition and beauty LifeHacks. Also it could be a good start in your beginning of your way to the perfect body.

How does it work ?

If you have any questions before the payment you can write me on the page “contact”

Weight loss program includes: 

2 Skype consultations of nutritionist 1,5-2 hours on first month

1 Skype consultation of nutritionist every month until finish

Nutrition and sport plan

The support and control of nutritionist every day during all course and one month after the finish

What do you need?


✔Computer or Laptop or Tablet or Smartphone with webcam for video calls

✔Skype any programs for online meeting

✔Viber, Whatsapp, Telegramm or E-mail (your choice) for the supporting and controlling every day

✔A wish to start a new life in a new body!



In my blog you can find the articles written on the grounds of my experience and knowledges in nutrition area that I share with you with pleasure.

My name is Anna Globazh. I’m 28 yo. I’m a practicing licensed nutritionist and a psychologist of body oriented psychotherapy. I have my own lose weight program and I help people around the world to lose weight and start a new life in a new body.
After my program you will have a stable result!
My method isn’t diet. I will show to you how to not be hungry and have a healthy and balanced nutrition and of course lose weight.
My program includes nutrition and sports plan. I do support you all course and ever answer to all your questions.
I work for your result and only personally.
I do my nutrition service online around the world and also face to face in Minsk (Belarus)